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Shirley Krenkel's Recovery Story

Shirley Krenkel is an amazing woman. Mother of two and grandmother of five, she spends time with her family, loves to travel, enjoys dancing and is active in her church. She has tried not to let two cancer diagnoses get in the way of the joy that she finds in everyday living.

“Whether you are newly diagnosed, in treatment or in remission, have faith, be positive and look forward to each and every day,” she said.

Shirley was first diagnosed with lung cancer about five years ago. Her recovery from surgery was grueling with complications that required a return stay for additional surgery. She spent many days in intensive care. When she left the hospital she had “drop foot” and was told she would need braces to walk. Shirley was determined not only to walk again, but to dance again too. She worked very hard with her neurologist and physical therapist to ensure that she could move and walk normally.

Shirley’s lung cancer remains in remission. But, about a year ago, Shirley was diagnosed with lymphoma of the skin. Despite this setback, Shirley remains positive and feels spirituality continues to play a big part in her healing.

During her recovery, Shirley read an article in Vim & Vigor magazine about the Cancer Resource Centre in Munster. She is grateful she decided to try the Centre’s free classes and programs.

“The yoga, tai chi, chi gong and other classes that they offer have played a part in my recovery,” she explained. “The staff, facilitators and those in attendance create a healing environment- one that offers mental, spiritual and physical support.”

Along with her children who have been so devoted and helpful during her illness; church continues to be a constant source of inspiration to her.

And, she is ready to dance again.